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This setting exists in MacOS Here is what a Finder window titlebar looks like without transparency disabled, it follows the typical understated grey appearance that has been part of the Mac UI for decades:. Aside from the difference in appearance, the settings change can also improve performance quite a bit, particularly on some older hardware, and it notably reduces the CPU usage of the WindowServer process.

In fact, this is one of those adjustments that can be made to settings to speed up Yosemite in particular , though the effect carries forward into Mac OS X Users will also find that disabling transparency can boost the frame rate of drawing items on screen in Mac OS X, which is observable on some Macs directly if they had stuttering animations in things like Mission Control, but it can be measured with the FPS FrameMeter gauge of QuartzDebug for users who are more technically inclined as well.

Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. What amazes me is that Wondows has managed to have translucent Windows for over a decade with no performance hit. What gives? Looks gauche anyway but come on.

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No performance hit? Which world of ignorance do you live in, one of the most articles about Vista for example was how to turn all the candy off due to massive lag in the UI.

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Also, to touch on your point regarding Vista; the reason why Vista had so many problems was that it required too many system resources at a time when 4 GB of RAM was considered a very large amount. What I would like to see restored from earlier versions of OSX is the option to have up and down arrows on the scroll bars, last seen around OSX It is so hard to move small distances in a long document using the scroll bar alone.

There is a tendancy to overshoot, using the scroll bar, and using the up and down cursor keys is not a good substitute.

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The up and down arrows allowed for much more precise small movements in long documents. Eliminating them was a poor decision.

OSX Dev Day 27 - NSToolbar Transparency

Is there a way to recover that function? This post has nothing to do w the transparency post… sorry, but Im disparate to get some help w bizarre problem that has become more than simple annoyance.

How to Disable Transparency Effects in Mac OS X Interface

So here it is… First noticed in browsers… using Univ. Access, zoom up the window mag. Not off window. Most effective way to stop is un-zoom to zero mag.


This not a symptom of The step is costly: Try using a USB device and seeing if that still happens. Also, clean the trackpad surface with a small amount of rubbing alcohol and make sure its totally dry. Gunk on trackpads and tracking surfaces can cause all sorts of ruckus and weird behavior. I tried this, now my iMac is crazy with display colors; El Capitan.

I hate to ask but is there an easier way to accomplish that? In Mojave on non-Retina systems this has nasty side effects and generally makes everything look like garbage. This simulates the effect of having an opaque menu bar.


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Toggle The Menu Bar Translucency On Your Mac [OS X Tips] | Cult of Mac

I found a hidden setting that apparently used to work, but has no effect in Mojave: Does anyone know of a better way? Your using a patched OS correct? Thank you for the poor-man's workaround idea. This was driving me crazy.