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You have to go through a little rigamarole to get the fields you need:. Step 11 can be problematic. On my Mac, this search produces , images, and dragging and dropping that many images can cause the system to rainbow-spin for a long time or even lock up. You can probably shave down which images you want by excluding very small ones.

I had you leave the Name field in place earlier above where you set up the Any criteria. An alternative to the Finder is third-party disk-searching software.

How to Search for Files and Folders on a Mac For Dummies

I tested out HoudahSpot , which relies on Spotlight and lets you define and save criteria in a similar way. You can also exclude locations from results, which gives it a leg up in avoiding extra or unwanted copies from photo-app libraries. PowerPhotos works with Photos, but the price includes a license for iPhoto Library Manager to work with the that older Apple app. HoudahSpot lets you construct queries against the Spotlight index, but has greater control over exclusions and conditions.

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Where are photos from the Photos app located on your Mac?

So I just have to best-guess the transfer range and let photos slog through copying the stuff first to my MacBook — waste of time and space- but inevitably it will fail on me. You basically need to perform CSI type forensics to figure that out. I just despise how Apple tries to manage what should be simple tasks. Worse IMO. This may be a dumb question, but I keep getting this annoying box that says my Photos storage is full. Can I delete my photo storage on Icloud without deleting my library on Photos?

My question is I edited some photos in iPhoto, so where are those photos stored on my mac? The Masters are the original, but the edits must be somewhere.

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Anyone know? Any advice? The only thing I can think of is number 1, have you emptied your trash and 2 after having deleted the contents of your masters folder, have you reopened your photos app?

Perhaps it needs to open so the photos can disappear. I know that photos are stored according to date in Masters folder. But is there any way to replicate same album names into Masters directory? Then I copied them to my backup.

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I have owned Apple products for 8 years. Each year they get harder to work with. Why the heck would Apple make us jump thru all of these hoops just to get to pictures imported from the phone. Another reason to get rid of this product. As a lifelong Windows user and software engineer who migrated to Mac, the way that Apple handles photos is the most user-hostile means of file management that Apple engineers could have possibly thought of.

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Where Photos Files Are Stored on Mac

Enter your email address below: Posted by: Dave says: February 23, at 1: Graeme Dixon says: February 23, at November 4, at 4: Steve says: February 23, at 5: Roger says: Chris says: February 24, at 1: Gorbnar says: February 24, at 2: Kevin Etherington says: Louise walker says: April 11, at Jack says: April 27, at Tim Needham says: February 24, at 3: February 25, at 9: Renee says: Clicking it prompts a drop-down menu.

This key is in the lower-left corner of the Mac keyboard. Holding it down will prompt the Library folder to appear in the Go drop-down menu. Click Library. It's in the middle of the drop-down menu under the "Home" option. Doing so will open the Library folder in the Finder window. Method 2.

Where Are My iPhoto Photos Stored On My Hard Drive?

Make sure that your Mac is up to date. Menu options change with different versions of your Mac's operating system, though the following instructions should work on macOS Sierra and High Sierra. Click Home. This option is near the middle of the Go drop-down menu.

Doing so opens the Home folder in the Finder window. Click a blank space in the Finder window. Doing so will ensure that your Finder window is centered on the Home folder. Right-click the window. On a Mac with a trackpad or an Apple mouse with one mouse button, click the Finder window with both fingers to perform a right-click. This will prompt a drop-down menu. Alternatively, you can hold the Control key and click the Finder window to perform a right-click.

Click Show View Options. It's at the bottom of the drop-down menu.