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Akitio Thunder2 Ti Reference. I think DVI couse some problem.

Version 10.9

On the each output I play different video clip in p - in that case the fps is very low fps max. When I plug 6th output i my second TB2 output fps stopped be satisfactory fps. The one thing that tripped me up: I only found out after I couldn't get eGPU to post Everything else was magic though. Cheers and looking forward to your EFI app when you get closer to showing.

Thanks for reminding to disable SIP. Edit 2: You said earlier that "system boots"? So it's random It's very likely that your card is not eGPU friendly. Can I just disable this shitty dGPU? Either Iris Pro or MX is always active. App-specific acceleration should work with this MBP as well:. I have two Titan Zs. They used to work perfectly with the 0.

Each Titan Z is plugged into a Akitio thunderbolt card. Boots fine with the single card plugged in. Hangs on boot with second card. Any thoughts? Also separately, has anyone tried it with FCPX Didn't happen in previous version and only happen on nMP. Just nMP. Investigate why this code ran: I've been struggling with the nMP too - tried to get a Titan X running - no joy. What was your process for getting a single card working?

Please can you share - possibly in another thread?

[SCRIPT] automate-eGPU.sh v1.0.1 - macOS eGPU installation tool

Avoid XFX brand. You must disconnect all other devices to free up resources for multiple eGPU use. Latest Post: Forum Icons: Forum contains no unread posts Forum contains unread posts Mark all read. Topic Icons: Please Login or Register.

Patched Kernels - OSx86

Thunderbolt macOS S Last Post. Noble Member Admin. January 14, 9: As derived from here: However, if you want more protection, you can try: This script is not applicable to High Sierra. Thank you! Recommended AMD cards: It's preferred to use the latest macOS version. All options are meant to be used one at a time. Currently for Nvidia cards only: Searching for matching driver Driver [ Removing validation checks Modified package ready.

Installer MacOsX 10.9 sur pc AMD

The upgrade was successful. The install requires restarting now. Rebuilding caches All ready. Please restart the Mac. The first public implementations are from Late forum re-organization I was kicked off from TechInferno forum for unexplained reasons very soon after Nando. Eli T , cpauya , fireheadman and 11 people liked. Reply Quote. Prominent Member. Eydawn liked. January 15, One small typo corrected. Active Member. January 16, 4: Eminent Member.

January 16, 7: Thank you so much for your hard work in getting this together! New Member.

Change the life in a geek way

Yes it's time to celebrate! Awesome work! Today I testing and benchmarking my eGPU, and it work great for me! See the corresponding video below, also. Ironically, it is not up-to-date, but it covers hardware selection and construction as well as installing macOS Sierra. Building a Hackintosh Pro - An archive of a helpful tutorial to build a powerful tower desktop Hackintosh from Dan Counsell. It includes hardware selection and basic software installation alike.

Be particularly certain to verify compatibility before upgrading an older Hackintosh to this version of the operating system, too. Because hardware support for macOS Sierra Quality Hackintosh tutorials for El Capitan include:. The site has troubleshooting guidelines if the installation does not go smoothly, also. It covers the OS X Install OS X El Capitan on PCs with Unibeast - If the "official" tutorial from tonymacx86 isn't as easy to follow as you would like, you might prefer this installation guide from MacBreaker , which includes step-by-step screenshots of the process.

Note that although official hardware support for OS X If Metal capability or another particular feature is of critical interest to you, make sure that it is likely to work with your desired Hackintosh configuration prior to making hardware purchases.

Mavericks 10.9 & AMD/ATI 6xxx

Although official OS X Quality Hackintosh tutorials for Yosemite include:. For those interested in more detailed understanding of the process, the same site also provides an installation tutorial using Clover.

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Install OS X Also see the " All-in-One Guide " from another helpful forum user. Forum postings from " ikingblack " and " snatch " may be useful, as well. These tutorials use the Chameleon bootloader. The same site covers installing the Yosemite Zone distro within the Virtualbox virtualization suite , as well. Installation guides for OS X Mavericks For newer tutorials, see the current Hackintosh installation guides above. Don't miss the Hackintosh video tutorials , either. Quality Hackintosh tutorials for Mavericks include:. The site also covers the OS X Installing OS X If the "official" guide above isn't sufficient, you also may find this site's OS X Mavericks Unibeast tutorial and its tutorial for the sketchy Niresh distro helpful, too.

OS X This tutorial also includes a list of FAQs that can be quite helpful for troubleshooting. Covers hardware selection and construction as well as installing OS X Mavericks. Create a Bootable OS X Although hardware compatibility is essentially identical to OS X The site covers the OS X The author also provides shorter tutorials about OS X Mountain Lion software installation and Hackintosh performance hardware options.

Build an OS X It covers hardware selection and assembly in addition to OS X installation. Upgrade to OS X Significant coverage of emulation environments, too. Note that just like its predecessor, OS X Those who need older software should instead consider Mac OS X Hackintosh tutorials for OS X The site offers a "Lion" walkthrough for UniBeast , too. Lion on the Hackintosh - An insightful and detailed post from photographer Thomas Pindelski.

Install OS X Mavericks 10.9 on AMD PC

Covers OS X Also from Bassheadtech. Note that Mac OS X Hackintosh tutorials for Mac OS X The same site also provides a guide to install the operating system on an older "Sandy Bridge" system. Uses the iBoot Legacy and Multibeast applications. The same site also offers a list of kexts that may be helpful. There are a variety of Mac OS X See the below videos too. Let's face it, given the vast assortment of configurations, you can't install Windows on any old PC and expect it to work like OS X does on a Mac.