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Most importantly, this programmability allows SPSS to access methods from the widely used R statistical package. That is in addition to a neural network add-on module and partial least-squares regression, new analysis features making their debut in version Also new on the Mac platform is the Chart Builder feature.

Anyone who has struggled with dialog boxes full of graphing options will welcome the ability to perform direct WYSIWYG editing on the visual depictions of their data. It is a significant upgrade that will be warmly welcomed by Macintosh data-mavens everywhere. FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 review: Plenty of great reasons to upgrade to this The old guard of Mac indy apps has thrived for more than 25 years. Mac Pro in , iPhone news and rumors, Swift Playgrounds: Macworld Podcast At a Glance. SPSS New language and abilities Before the advent of the graphical user interface, statistical program users were forced to script their computations using the notoriously awkward SPSS syntax.

Data and Statistics for Social Sciences: Data analysis tools & training

Pros Consistent implementation across all platforms Handles huge data sets without a problem Extensive programmability. Cons Disorganized help system Has a Java look and feel. It can be used with any geo-spatial data such as the Landscan population database. Can also be bought from the IT services.

Statistical Package For The Social Sciences Mac

Can be used to work with Google Earth files: A geographic information system GIS popular among entry-level users due to its low cost and ease of use. GIS is software that is designed to store, query, analyse, process, and visualise spatial data. Offered on a day free trial.

This free online resource introduces concepts, methods and tools, provides many examples using a variety of software tools such as ArcGIS, etc. It aims to be comprehensive but not necessarily exhaustive in terms of concepts and techniques, representative and independent in terms of software tools, and above all practical in terms of application and implementation. An alternative to Nvivo and handles a similar range of data types allowing organisation, colour coding and retrieval of data. Text, audio or video may equally be dealt with by this software package.

A range of data visualisation tools are also included. Software for the qualitative analysis of large bodies of textual, graphical, audio and video data.

Quantitative data analysis

It offers a variety of tools for accomplishing the tasks associated with any systematic approach to "soft" data, i. You can download a trial version from the website, it is free and works without time limit. Free training webinars are offered on the website. Data visualisation tools ArcGIS A geographic information system GIS that helps to explore highly accurate geospatial data; you can create maps, analyze data for land use studies and other reports, and prepare data for use in an application or database.

An online course is available on lynda. This free and open source 3D creation suite supports the entirety of the 3D pipeline — modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, in the context of research data in particular.

SPSS | Macworld

The suite is free to download from the website. ITLC offers either a face-to-face , or online courses: An online data-visualization tool for making interactive charts which are responsive and embeddable in a website. A cross-platform, free and open-source desktop geographic information system GIS application. Online course through Lynda. R is a tool used for data analysis and visualisation.

Introduction to Data Science with R - Data Analysis Part 1

Using the free Shiny package, these analyses and visualisations can be published as interactive webpages just using R. A suite of online tools and data that allow users to visually explore hundreds of thousands of data indicators across demography, economy, health, religion, crime and more. Users can visualize and interact with data, create reports and downloads for offline processing.

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An easy to use, free and powerful tool for creating interactive dashboards and data visualisations that can be shared publically and embedded in your personal site. Check out a face-to-face course offered by the ITLC.

Learn about Visio online through Lynda. Lunchtime sessions, online resources and some courses are free; there is a charge for other courses. Courses are available to all University members.

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You can search classroom-based courses via online course booking system which allows you to book or cancel a taught course and to manage your notifications. All you will need is your Single Sign-On. Online courses include a selection of some online courses provided by lynda. You can discover the full range using the search features within lynda. ITLC also offers self-service learning resources through its Portfolio of online course material consisting of lynda.

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